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BPI Launches Total Building Performance Certificate for Deep Energy Retrofits

posted at 2024-05-01 13:07:00

Saratoga Springs, NY: The Total Building Performance Certificate of Knowledge (TBP), a new credential to promote deep energy retrofits, is available now

 The TBP Certificate is the only one of its kind, designed to prepare individuals with the holistic knowledge to plan, manage, and deliver whole-building retrofits that center customer satisfaction and maximize residential energy and emissions savings. It was created in partnership with Northeast Energy Efficiency Partners (NEEP), Energy Futures Group (EFG), and Building Performance Association, with funding from the US Department of Energy.  

Professionals who earn the TBP will prove their ability to serve as project managers for residential building decarbonization projects, while coordinating the deep energy retrofit process and helping the customer find rebates, incentives and financing to meet their needs and budget. The TBP professional can manage the project from work scope development, project design, and supporting the choice of installers, through project completion verification, test-out, and close out reporting.


Building the Market for Deep Energy Retrofits 

Deep energy retrofits aim to achieve household energy reductions of at least 50% by addressing all major energy loads: space conditioning; hot water; lighting; solar energy installation, and appliances and plug loads. They may also address transportation by preparing the electrical system to support electric vehicles. 

Deep energy retrofits require a comprehensive, whole-home plan of action and close coordination between multiple contractors. To simplify the process for customers, there is a need for a workforce of highly qualified, knowledgeable professionals who can plan and direct decarbonization retrofit projects. 

Earning the TBP 

The TBP certificate is earned by passing an online exam. Training modules were developed by EFG and are available for free on the NEEP Resources page. Training is not needed to take the exam, but we encourage candidates to study in preparation. 


Who Should Earn the TBP?

The TBP certificate is designed to be rigorous and comprehensive, yet affordable and accessible. It will enable contractors to distinguish their business and expand or develop a new line of business. Project managers will gain the skills to manage multiple complex projects for electrification readiness.

Customers will be empowered to select a trusted, knowledgeable contractor to prepare their home for efficient electrification. Utilities and programs can feel confident that projects will be managed to achieve the desired outcomes.

 The TBP will provide customers with a single point of contact to coordinate their retrofit. It will help build the robust, knowledgeable, and inclusive workforce that’s needed to meet customer demand for more comfortable and healthy homes, and to achieve urgent climate goals.


What People Are Saying About the TBP

Jessica Azarelo, owner of home performance company Attic Queen LLC, recently earned the Total Building Performance certificate. She says, “It allows me to have better conversations with homeowners and educate them more. It helps me to train my employees. I was interested in the knowledge aspect of the TBP because it’s going to help me be better at what I do. It’s going to help me build a better business, and it’s also going to help with credibility.”

Andy Winslow, Senior Manager of State and Community Solutions at NEEP, says, "NEEP is excited to launch the Total Building Performance (TBP) Certificate of Knowledge pilot program in conjunction with our partners at BPA, BPI, and EFG. Participants in the TBP program will be among the next generation of clean energy workers, with a unique combination of expertise in comprehensive energy retrofit projects. They will be instrumental in helping meet the growing demand from homeowners and policymakers to reduce emissions from existing buildings."

Larry Zarker, CEO of Building Performance Institute, says, "American homeowners are ready for deep energy retrofits. We developed the TBP certificate to help them find contractors and individuals who can give the best value for their money and maximize energy savings. It can also help programs effectively manage funds authorized for energy efficiency improvements. We’re very excited to see what TBP certificate holders will do in the market.”

Steve Skodak, Executive Director at BPA, says, “Deep energy retrofits can be daunting for homeowners, leading to delays, inaction, or limited energy savings. But a general contractor who earns a TBP certificate can manage those complicated projects, allowing customers to get the most from their retrofits. The TBP certificate is going to be a tremendous asset to both consumers and contractors."

Please visit Total Building Performance Certificate to learn more about earning the Total Building Performance Certificate of Knowledge. BPI Certified Professionals can earn 10 BPI CEUs by earning the TBP.

 About BPI 

Building Performance Institute, Inc (BPI) is the nation's premier standards development and credentialing organization for residential energy auditing and upgrade work. BPI’s mission is to provide the benefits of home performance to the nation’s homeowners through best practice standards, credentials and quality assurance services for the home performance and weatherization industry.  

BPI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1993. It is accredited by the American National Standards Institute, Inc. (ANSI) as a developer of American National Standards and by the ANSI National Accreditation Board under ISO/IEC 17024 as a certifying body for the Energy Auditor professional certification. 

About NEEP 

Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships, founded in 1996, is a bipartisan nonprofit that drives regional collaboration to accelerate energy efficiency, electrification, and grid flexibility in the building sector as a core strategy to reduce climate pollution and build an affordable, sustainable, and resilient energy future. NEEP works across the 12 states and the District of Columbia that make up the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region. For more information, visit or follow NEEP on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. 

About Energy Futures Group 

Energy Futures Group (EFG) is a clean-energy consulting firm committed to transforming our energy system to one that is clean, efficient, renewable, safe, affordable and equitable. They achieve this by bringing a unique combination of technical, economic, program and policy experience to bear on some of the world’s most critical energy problems. EFG designs, implements, reviews, and evaluates programs and policies to promote investments in efficiency, renewable energy, other distributed resources, and strategic electrification.  

About Building Performance Association 

The Building Performance Association (BPA) is a 501(c) 6 nonprofit industry association that serves as the hub for businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies working to make America’s homes more comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient. BPA is dedicated to supporting the professional growth of its 20,000 members and program participants by offering educational programs, advocacy at the state and federal level, and member resources. For more information, please visit 

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