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Total Building Performance Certificate

Would you like to lead the planning and design of deep energy retrofit projects, coordinating the process to meet your customer’s needs and budget? The Total Building Performance (TBP) Certificate of Knowledge will determine if you are prepared for success.

What is a Deep Energy Retrofit? 

Deep energy retrofits achieve household energy reductions of at least 50% by addressing all major energy loads: space conditioning; hot water; lighting; solar energy installation, appliances and plug loads. They may also address other on-site power generation, electrical/thermal storage, and prepare the electrical system to support electric vehicles.

Why Did BPI Create the TBP Certificate?

Deep energy retrofits are complicated for customers. Multiple contractors must work in coordination, completing each step in the correct order, using best practices, to get the desired results. Customers may feel overwhelmed by decisions or delay their project, without a trusted guide to lead them through the process. 

Professionals who earn the TBP will prove their ability to serve as project managers for residential building decarbonization projects. They can coordinate the deep energy retrofit process and help the customer find rebates, incentives, and financing to meet their needs and budget. The TBP professional can manage the project from work scope development, project design, and supporting the choice of installers, through project completion verification, test-out, and close-out reporting.  

As a TBP certificate holder, you will be able to plan and design deep energy retrofit projects as a single, smartly phased, comprehensive project that will please customers.

What Does TBP Cover?

The TBP certificate includes eight areas of knowledge. An individual who has successfully challenged the exam can:

  • Demonstrate Proficiency in Designing a Building Decarbonization Project
  • Understand Project Financial Analysis for a Building Decarbonization Project
  • Demonstrate Proficiency in Communication to Clients
  • Understand Energy Modeling, Load Calculations and Measure Analysis of a Building Decarbonization Project
  • Understand Building Science and Whole-Building Concepts

  • Understand Project Carbon Impacts
  • Identify Electrification/Decarbonization Technologies
  • Understand the Post Retrofit Process

Who is the TBP for?

Anyone who is part of the energy efficiency and renewable energy workforce and meets the prerequisites can submit an application for the TBP Certificate of Knowledge exam. The prerequisites can be found in the Scheme Handbook below.

Home performance contractors can use the knowledge gained to develop new lines of business, while utility and program staff can use it to ensure timely and effective project management.

Candidates can learn at their own pace, based on their own professional goals. HVAC professionals are also encouraged to prepare for and challenge the exam.

How to get the Total Building Performance Certificate

  1. 1. Read the Certificate Scheme Handbook to review the prerequisites and learn more about the skills and knowledge covered.
  2. 2. Access the study modules, hosted on the site of our partner Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships, and learn at your convenience.
  3. 3. Fill out the application to challenge the exam, including proof of your prerequisites, at the BPI Certificate Portal and submit your application. Once approved, you will receive an email with instructions on how to purchase your exam.
  4. 4. Purchase, access, and take your exam online. 
  5. 5. Get your score. Scores should be available in your certificate portal immediately.
  6. 6. Upon successful completion, you will be able to view and print a copy of your TBP Certificate of Knowledge.

Certification Scheme Handbook

Please read the Certificate Scheme Handbook thoroughly prior to applying. It contains full information on process, skills and knowledge covered.


The Total Building Performance Certificate exam costs $250 per attempt. The study modules are always free and should be carefully studied before each attempt.

Thanks for a Successful Pilot!

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the development of the TBP. We’re grateful to all one hundred ninety-eight people who took the pilot exam. You played such an important role in the development of this initiative, and we are excited that so many professionals wanted to be involved! 

For this process, we convened Subject Matter Experts to be involved with a psychometric analysis that would determine cut score, item analysis, and prerequisite criteria to finalize the certificate and prepare for the national rollout. 

We especially thank the Total Building Performance Subject Matter Experts below, who contributed their time and expertise to develop this certificate.

David Biggers
Adam Clardy-O'Neal
Caleb Copeland-Cook
Brynn Cooksey
Timothy Dykhuis
Robert Hight, Jr
Mark Hutchins
Derrall Ledford
Jesus Martinez
Richard McCain
Robert Meador
Steve Sutter

Get CEUs

Active BPI Certified Professionals can earn ten (10) BPI CEU credits by obtaining the Total Building Performance Certificate and uploading it to BPI's CEU Account. 

Our Partners

Total Building Performance Certificate of Knowledge was created in partnership with Northeast Energy Efficiency PartnersEnergy Futures Group, and Building Performance Association, with funding from the US Department of Energy.  We are deeply grateful for their time, expertise, and their commitment to decarbonizing homes and improving lives through better housing.