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August 2023 Newsletter

New preliminary study shows weatherization improves health in children with asthma. Plus, a new registered apprenticeship will use BPI credentials to develop a new generation of master Energy Specialists and more!

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July 2023 Newsletter

$150M in contractor training grants, training wins in Maine, and more!

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June 2023 Newsletter

New standard update, recruiting for a diverse WAP workforce, and more!

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May 2023 Newsletter

Meet the winner of the 2023 Siemen Memorial Scholarship!

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April 2023 Newsletter

Comment on the Guiding Principles for Residential Electrification Audits and learn about BPI-2400!

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March 2023 Newsletter

2023 National Home Performance Conference and new internship success in Maine!

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February 2023 Newsletter

Welcoming Man Nga Chan and the 2023 Integrated Home Competition!

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January 2023 Newsletter

Funding for the Delta Standard, workforce innovations in Detroit and Connecticut, and more!

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December 2022 Newsletter

Certification updates, contributing to national research, and more!

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November 2022 Newsletter

Understanding HOMES, cracking the success code, and more.

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September 2022 Newsletter

Understanding HOMES, cracking the success code, and more.

August 2022 Newsletter

10 things to know about the Inflation Reduction Act, new board members and more!

July 2022 Newsletter

BPI stakeholders linked in the NYT, learning about quality fundamentals with John Tooley, and more!

June 2022 Newsletter

Upcoming conferences, National Healthy Homes Month, and more

May 2022 Newsletter

Growing demand with the locator tool, national advocacy, and more.

April 2022 Newsletter

Jon Siemen Memorial Scholarship announcements, return to live events, and more.

March 2022 Newsletter

Increase your applicant pool, Integrated Home Competition, and more.

February 2022 Newsletter

Board of directors nominations, home quiz, and more.

January 2022 Newsletter

National Clean Energy Workforce Alliance, Congratulations to Carla Walker-Miller, and more.

December 2021 Newsletter

Site Supervisor Certificate, Integrated Home Competition, industry news and publications, and more.

Page: 1 2 3 Viewing 1 - 20 of 46