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Healthy Housing Principles Certificate

Connect Health and Home by Earning the Healthy Housing Principles Certificate

Have you ever entered a home and known right away that something wasn't right? There was a stale quality to the air, or a musty odor. In some cases, the air quality may have been so poor that it made your eyes sting or you could feel it in your throat. We instinctively know to leave these environments as quickly as possible, but what about that home's occupants?

Earning the Healthy Housing Principles (HHP) Certificate of Knowledge proves your knowledge of how the different components of a home interact to affect occupant health. Homeowners and renters are a part of the house as a system and a recipient of the downstream effects of how they follow these eight principles:

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Who Should Get the Healthy Housing Principles Certificate?

Anyone interested in the connection between human health symptoms and the possible home issues that could be causing them should consider earning the Healthy Housing Principles Certificate.

By earning the HHP, the following groups will gain insight that could help shape their careers:

  • Community health workers, in-home nurses, and asthma educators
  • County and city health department staff
  • Public and private medical facility staff and administrators
  • Utility program representatives
  • Remodelers, insulation, HVAC, and other trades professionals
  • Home inspectors and realtors
  • Federal, state, and local government program managers and staff
  • Secondary and post-secondary teachers and students

If you are already working in home performance, chances are you are already improving your clients’ health. In fact, the Department of Energy (DOE) found that home performance upgrades done with energy efficiency in mind also improve overall occupant health.

Take your home performance knowledge and experience to the next level by learning how to integrate health into your home performance work.

BPI Certified Professionals can earn eight (8) BPI CEU credits by passing the HHP exam and uploading their HHP Certificate of Knowledge through BPI’s CEU Account.

How Do I Get Started?

Starting out your journey to getting the Healthy Housing Principles Certificate of Knowledge is as easy as ordering your print or online version of the Healthy Housing Principles Reference Guide, reviewing it, then taking and passing the 100-question online exam!

You do not have to complete training to earn this certificate, but the companion reference guide will help you gain the knowledge you need to be successful. Because the exam is online and knowledge-based, it may be taken at any time from a computer connected to the internet. You have one year from the date of HHP exam purchase to complete the exam.

Costs of obtaining the Healthy Housing Principles Certificate include:

  • Web-Based Digital Reference Guide - $109 ($99 until the end of 2022)
  • Printed Reference Guide – $139 + shipping ($129 + shipping until the end of 2022)
  • Healthy Housing Principles Online Exam – $109 ($99 until the end of 2022)

Where Can I Learn More about Healthy Housing?

Thank you for your interest in Healthy Housing Principles (HHP)! We encourage you to take the sample exams at the end of each chapter of the reference guide and complete the Certificate of Knowledge exam. The following set of resource materials is designed to enhance your understanding of the principles of healthy housing. Check back often as these resources will be updated as new materials become available. Also, please contact if you know of resources that should be included on these resource pages: