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How It Works

Program Overview

Contractors and consumers rely on appropriate industry standards to indicate high performing products for their efficiency projects. Sometimes it is hard to find which products meet the standards you need to address. BPI's Product Listing Program helps customers find the tools, products, and materials that meet industry standards for diagnostic evaluation and installation of energy upgrades to the home.

For more than 20 years, contractors have trusted BPI to set the standard for high quality energy efficiency diagnostic and installation work. Now we're extending that trust to the products and materials our contractors use daily.

Benefits for Manufacturers

BPI's Product Listing Program identifies industry products and materials that meet home performance industry standards for energy upgrades to the home. All products are reviewed for lab results and other performance documentation prior to listing. Products we identify as suitable for our listings receive the following benefits:

  • Use of the BPI Listed Product mark on all approved products, literature, website, and collateral advertising.
  • Listing of approved products on the product listing webpage, which immediately connects the contractor or consumer to your website.
  • Press release email introducing newly approved product to BPI's network of more than 18,000 industry stakeholders.
  • Social media (Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn) posts to over 8,000 industry stakeholders highlighting participating manufacturers and their approved products.
  • List up to ten (10) approved products for an annual fee of $750. See the Product Listing Program Fee Schedule for information on listing more than ten products.
  • Identifies the manufacturer as a leader in the home performance industry.

Steps to Have Product Listed

Step 1: Apply

  1. Complete a Product Listing Application for each product.
  2. Identify the industry standard and testing requirements your product will need to comply with. Assemble all laboratory test reports and ensure that they align with the requirements of the industry standard(s). Consult with BPI at for verification steps and other questions.
  3. Submit the application, supporting laboratory reports, and annual fees.
  4. Sign and submit the Manufacturer Licensing Agreement .

Step 2: Connect

BPI will assign a Client Relations Representative (CRR) to assist and answer questions throughout the listing process. After all items are submitted, BPI will review the package and confirm receipt.

Step 3: Review

The test reports will be reviewed to confirm that the test results have met the requirements of the appropriate industry standard(s). You will be contacted for any information required to complete this evaluation. If there is not an industry standard for your product, consult with BPI on ways to verify your product's efficacy.

Step 4: List

Once all of BPI's requirements have been met, the product will be listed on the website. You will be provided with a copy of the signed agreement and a certificate indicating that the material has now been listed by BPI. You may use the BPI Listing Mark on your product and the product's collateral marketing materials and webpage references, in accordance with the Manufacturer Licensing Agreement.