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The Price is Right...Or Is It?

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Tired of working hard every day and not getting the financial stability you need? Have you looked at your labor pricing recently?
Proper labor pricing is the cornerstone for profitability in your company. If your labor is not correctly priced, then none of the rest of what you do matters! Your best efforts will be undermined by this critical error.
In this session with Bill Kinnard, President of Grandy & Associates, we will look at everything that goes into setting your labor rate. Together we’ll determine what you need to charge to cover your cost of operation from a cash flow perspective and generate a reasonable profit.  
Learning Objectives
  • Include the unseen costs of doing business in your service rate
  • Understand how nonbillable time and equipment replacement costs impact your bottom line
  • Stop undermining your success with erroneous pricing
  • Set your labor rates for service and installation jobs on the real cost of doing business
  • Determine your correct, profitable, hourly labor rate

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