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Effective Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring staff are two important ways to retain top talent and build a leadership pipeline. But many people don’t even know that they are two different things!

Coaching focuses on enhancing current job performance. Mentorships are supportive relationships that can reduce and reframe personal, structural and cultural barriers that hold emerging leaders back from achieving their full potential. Both are important.

Why should you make time to coach and mentor employees? Not only will it empower your staff and enhance company effectiveness; it also changes how others think of you. People who mentor and advocate for others are perceived as more effective leaders.

Even your most talented employees will benefit from supportive coaching and mentoring. Don’t leave top performers to languish while you work with staff who struggle!

Great leaders need to be mentored, and great leaders need to mentor. Join us to learn how with Chris DeVany, global business coach with Pinnacle Peak Performance.

Learning Objectives

• Understand the Coaching Strategy Spectrum and how to make it work for your team
• Coach effectively, using relating, strategizing, and implementing
• Practice the stages of a coaching relationship, including giving constructive feedback
• Understand and use the essentials of mentorship
• Know the challenges of coaching and mentoring experienced staff and how to succeed