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Demand is growing for preventative home health assessments and interventions in the public and private marketplace. From identifying asthma triggers and risk of lead poisoning to testing for CO and other health hazards, tremendous opportunity exists to incorporate healthy home measures into home performance assessments.

Developed in partnership with the Green & Healthy Homes Initiative (GHHI), this certification builds upon the BPI Building Analyst (BA), Energy Auditor (EA) or Quality Control Inspector (QCI) certifications to verify competencies required to conduct in-depth healthy home environmental risk assessments. The Healthy Home Evaluator assesses home-based environmental health and safety hazards and provides a prioritized list of recommendations to address those hazards.

Because this certification builds upon the knowledge, skills and abilities of the BPI BA, EA or QCI the exam consists of 50 questions (written exam only) that verify knowledge to perform healthy home assessments.

Steps to Becoming Certified

  1. Prerequisite: Hold an active BPI Building Analyst, Energy Auditor OR Quality Control Inspector certification. If you are not currently certified, you can take the written and field exams at any BPI Test Center.
  2. Review the Healthy Home Evaluator (HHE) Certification Scheme Handbook.
  3. Determine if training is required prior to attempting certification. While BPI does not require training prior to attempting certification, individuals completing training typically perform better on BPI exams. Candidates can find training from Independent Training Organizations using our Training Organizations Locator Tool. BPI does not directly perform any training services and it is not a requirement to use training organizations.
  4. Schedule your exam directly with BPI or with a BPI Test Center in your area. BPI's recommended list price is $200 for the written HHE exam.
  5. Test Scores –Test scores will be provided following the exam.

HHE Webinar (12/6/16) Q&A
Panelists from BPI, HUD, GHHI & Healthy Housing Solutions

Listen to the HHE Webinar (12/6/16)

For additional questions, please contact HHE@BPI.ORG

HHE Webinar Question Response
If BPI cert lapses will you have to retest for Healthy Home Evaluator certification (HHE)? Or will it just be re-issued? How long is the certification good for? If your prerequisite certification (BA or EA or QCI) lapses, so will your HHE certification. Once you reactivate your prequiresite certification, your HHE certification will automatically reinstate, as long as your HHE certification date has not expired. The HHE certification is good for three (3) years.
How does any previous training provided by The National Healthy Homes Training Center apply toward certification? Training is not a prerequisite for taking the HHE exam; however, one of the three (3) prerequisite certifications must be achieved prior to taking the exam for the HHE.
When will a schedule for train-the-trainer sessions (for test centers) be announced? BPI and Healthy Housing Solutions Inc. (Solutions) are working to announce a train-the-trainer schedule in January 2017. BPI and Solutions will hold a webinar for BPI Test Centers to announce the upcoming train-the-trainer sessions.
What is the difference between this certification and the old healthy home certification? By 'old healthy home certification', we believe you refer to the NEHA Healthy Home Specialist administered by NEHA. It does not have a prerequisite certification that requires passing a field test with diagnostic testing in a home. BPI's three (3) prerequisite certifications (choose one) all have field practicum exams in a home.
Do exams need to be proctored through test centers or can you take on your own? The HHE exam must be proctored by an approved proctor. It cannot be taken independently.
What states is the certification good for or is it national [certification]? The HHE is a national certification.
How can we find out what the 25 cities are? GHHI's 25 cities are: Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Buffalo, Chicago, Cleveland, Denver, Detroit, Dubuque, Flint, Grand Rapids, Jackson, Lansing, Lewiston Auburn, Marin County, Memphis, New Haven, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Providence, Salt Lake, San Antonio, Springfield, Staten Island and Greater Syracuse. For more information on GHHI's work in these areas, please visit:
What course do you recommend to take prior to taking the BPI course? Training is not required for the HHE exam. However, some BPI Test Centers provide training in preparation for BPI certification exams. Some BPI Test Centers are developing curriculum for HHE training; others are waiting for the development of a training curriculum by Healthy Housing Solutions and train-the-trainer sessions given by Master Trainers so that they can prepare to deliver training in 1Q 2017. Please see the HHE references at
Can the HHE get paid for the home evaluation from Medicaid or other insurance companies? To BPI's knowledge, only one state (Missouri) has approved the HHE for reimbursement under Medicaid. Other states are in the process of adopting rules on reimbursement.
Will the study course be on-line & related cost to participate? The training curriculum is geared toward a three (3) day minimum training. BPI Test Centers set their own price for training.
How much is train-the-trainer going to cost? Master Trainers approved by Healthy Housing Solutions will determine prices for train-the-trainer sessions at the BPI Test Centers.
When will you have the HHE course material available on the BPI website? The HHS curriculum is expected to be completed by the end of the year so it should be available in January 2017. Please see the HHE references at
I would be interested in training availability in the Seattle, WA area. I am the proctor for the BA certification for the NW Eco Bldg Guild. Stay tuned for the BPI/Healthy Housing Solutions webinar in January 2017 for information on the train-the-trainer availability.
What is the cost of the 3 hour online exam (not the 3-day certification class)? BPI Test Centers set the cost for certification exams. BPI's suggested retail price for the HHE exam is $200.
Can you provide the links to those resources (from Dr. Peter Ashley, HUD)? BPI is in the process of obtaining links to share with webinar attendees.
What is required to become first on the list of trainers and getting the material for training? Stay tuned for the BPI/Healthy Housing Solutions webinar in January 2017 for information on the train-the-trainer availability.
Who would be hiring someone with the HHE certification? BPI sees the market opportunity as wide-ranging for any contractor engaged in selling auditing and HP contracting services for building occupants. It is a perfect compliment to all of the other BPI certifications.
Do you see this cert as appropriate for home inspectors? Not unless they hold one of the prerequisite BPI certifications.
When will the train-the-trainer portion be complete and when will the certification training start? BPI is working on that schedule now. It appears as though the train-the-trainer schedule will be announced in January. BPI and HHS will hold a webinar for BPI Test Centers to announce the upcoming train-the-trainer sessions.
Will there be another train-the-trainer course offered for Master Trainers after the upcoming one? Probably not. The point of the Master Trainer model is to get train-the-trainer scheduled with the BPI Test Centers as quickly as possible so that they can offer training to certification candidates.
For the train-the-trainer, is there a fee they will charge to come to the test center? Master Trainers approved by Healthy Housing Solutions will determine prices for train-the-trainer sessions at the BPI Test Centers.
Where is the nearest test center to Oakland, CA? Please click on 'Find a Test Center in your area" on
What equipment is necessary? Is there additional equipment needed beyond what is used as a BPI Building Analyst? BPI does not specify a protocol on how to conduct the evaluation on a home. We qualify the skill-set an individual has to perform an evaluation. There may be equipment additional to that used as a BPI Building Analyst; training may help in determining this type of equipment.
Has the HHE Scheme Handbook changed since April [2016]? Yes, in April 2016, the HHE was in a pilot phase, so there are some things that have been changed. The updated version is on this page (above)
What should someone charge to perform an HHE evaluation? That would depend on the area of the country. It is usually an add-on to an energy audit that would add between an hour and an hour and a half. It could cost between $300 and $500 or more, again, depending on where in the country it is performed.
Is there a data collection form? How do we document and report an evaluation? There are several options on the market, such as Healthy Housing Solution's Healthy Home Check-Up and HUD's Healthy Home Rating System. There may also be local options.
Where will Train-The-Trainer training take place? Will it be available online? There will be several approved trainers who will go around to BPI Test Centers on an individual basis to conduct Train-the-Trainer trainings. Train-the-Trainer training will not be available online.
Will trainers be required to take the Train-the-Trainer to use the curriculum , or will they be able to teach it immediately once the curriculum is out? The curriculum is not required to be used. With the HUD funding, the curriculum development that will be introduced will be available to BPI Test Centers at no charge. Train-the-Trainer will provide consistency in trainings throughout the country and these will have a fee associated to them.

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We’re excited to see this rolled out. We're always looking for potential health and safety issues when we're assessing and retrofitting homes, but new, more focused knowledge credentials are always appreciated.

- Ryan Weitzel, FLC Energy, Salisbury, MD

At long last we have a credential to define the work done by on-the-ground professionals working at the juncture of health and home performance. Thanks to all the industry players who have being working in the trenches in recent years to make this happen!

- Chris Dorsi, Habitat X, Helena, MT